Baseline PULSE 360 multisource feedback scores vary by specialty and improve based on feedback, goal-setting, coaching, and education. In particular, physicians who start with low scores have the greatest potential for leadership teamwork index improvement.

Surgeons had a significantly lower baseline leadership teamwork index at 59.9, whereas primary care and specialists started with a leadership teamwork index of 67.1 and 65.9, respectively. Those who participated in a tier 3 intervention had the greatest change from an average baseline leadership teamwork index of 36.6 to 56.3 on follow-up. Surgeons experienced the largest mean increase of 9.1 leadership teamwork index points after intervention, whereas medicine specialists had a mean increase of 6.7 leadership teamwork index points.

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How Physicians Change: Multisource Feedback-Driven Intervention Improves Physician Leadership and Teamwork