The Healthcare Leader PULSE 360° gives managers, directors, administrators, vice presidents, and other leaders helpful feedback and education about their motivational strengths and improvement opportunities to bolster the important leadership skills necessary to meet the demands of the current healthcare delivery landscape.


Panoramic View of Leadership Impact

physician feedback panoramic viewThe Leadership PULSE 360° System (Physicians & Professionals Universal Leadership Skills Education) provides perceptual feedback about where leaders stand on core skills such as communication, collaboration, teamwork, professionalism, decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, as well as how the leader impacts those who he/she leads and motivates.


Get Automated 360° Leader Feedback in a Few Weeks

Using a highly automated, web-based 360-degree process (which provides a high level of anonymity for the raters who give feedback), each leader gets feedback from peers, colleagues, subordinates, and other stakeholders who have been selected by the leader and the “leader’s leader” who can add names to rater list.


Benchmarked Against National Healthcare Leader Norms
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Each leader will receive a PULSE Report that highlights how the leader scores on each skill compared to national norms for healthcare leaders. Upper Management can use the reports to acknowledge and praise those scoring favorably, as well as to identify high potential future leaders. For those scoring less favorably, PULSE has a toolbox of training and coaching opportunities to help move the good to great.


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