An Innovative, No-Travel Approach to Help Physicians with Incident Reports Reduce or Eliminate Complaints

Not only are physicians expected to be technically proficient, they are also expected to have the basic skills to be caring communicators, talented at teamwork, politically/culturally sensitive, and calm during conflict. Clearly, some physicians handle mistakes and manage the high-stress healthcare environment better than others.

360° Feedback on Technical & Teamwork Core Competencies

Using automated and anonymous 360° feedback from the physician’s healthcare team members, the PULSE 360° (Physicians Universal Leadership-Teamwork Skills Education) Intensive Program provides perceptual feedback about where the physician scores and then offers the specific coaching/training needed to improve.

90%+ Physician Improvement Rate

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Physicians receiving complaints are often the best and brightest … and sometimes their long hours result in short fuses. When a physician has good technical skills—but receives complaints—costly after-effects can ripple throughout the facility or practice. More than 90% of these physicians showed significant behavioral improvements with the PULSE Intensive Program within three months, and most remained complaint-free for two or more years.


physician nurse team conflictLearn Essential Professionalism, Teamwork and Communication Skills

Our experience with 750+ high-complaint physicians has shown that they often:

1) lack natural teamwork skills

2) never received any training in these areas, and

3) are at risk when dealing with high-stress situations.

The PULSE Program shows them how to improve their teamwork skills through an assessment-driven intensive coaching process that teaches them how to reduce—and often eliminate—complaints.


Credible Feedback, Benchmarks, & Training

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The physician receives anonymous—but rich and detailed—360° survey feedback from their team members, which is then compared to our national physicians’ normative group, including if available some specialty comparisons. Over 15,000 healthcare professionals have received PULSE feedback from nearly 1,000,000 surveys. PULSE 360 Surveys have been used by more than 1000+ healthcare organizations, including seven Harvard hospitals (Mass General, Brigham and Women’s, etc.), Johns Hopkins, Yale New Haven, University of Michigan, and a wide range of academic, rural, urban, practice groups, and community healthcare facilities and organizations.


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