physician coachingCoaching is an integral part of the physician-development process and typically provided by telephone or videoconference. Because physicians/practitioners often work long hours, our PULSE Coaches may be available at non-business hours such as early in the morning, late at night, or even on the weekends.

The focus of PULSE Coaching is three-fold.

  1. The first step is to understand the physician’s work environment and, in that context, identify strengths as well as areas of potential development, which can become the foundation of the “Excellence Goals.”
  2. Second, the physician and coach work together to develop strategies and skills to reach these goals, keeping an eye on any barriers that may be getting in the way and brainstorming ways to overcome them.
  3. Finally, they work on continuously re-evaluating and reinforcing which tools and techniques are working well and, of course, fine-tuning those that are not.

The coach cannot change the character or personality of the physician. Rather, the coach provides the experience, wisdom, and support to help the physician develop new and situationally-effective workplace skills.

Depending on the physician’s goals, coaching may address specific leadership and teamwork skills, motivational style, people-skills, conflict management, work style, work-life balance, doctor-patient communication, or other work-related challenges. Coaching utilizes strategic planning, values clarification, brainstorming, and other developmental approaches, i.e. asking questions and using challenging techniques to move the physician forward in reaching his/her professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills, and leadership and teamwork goals.

PULSE Coaches never diagnose, treat, or provide any kind of psychotherapy or mental health services. PULSE Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds – psychology, social work, educational leadership, coaching, etc. – and all are trained by PULSE in PULSE’s 360 FACTS Model (360 Feedback Assessment, Coaching, Training, and Subsequent surveys). All PULSE coaches have had experience working in the field of healthcare.

Coaches work by telephone, video-conferencing, face-to-face, or on-site visit (upon request).


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