PULSE 360° Physician Services

(Physicians Universal Leadership-teamwork Skills Education)


Quality PULSE 360°

The Quality PULSE 360° System provides perceptual feedback to each physician on a wide range of Joint Commission (or CanMEDS in Canada) technical and non-technical core competencies skills. Many Quality PULSE Surveys are specialty-specific and compared with physician norms. 


physician leaders physician leadershipLeadership PULSE 360° System

In addition to competency in technical skills, physician-leaders must be competent and caring communicators, talented team leaders, and politically/culturally astute. With 360° feedback, goal-setting, and leadership training or coaching (targeted to specific competencies for these crucial people skills), even your best physicians can improve with the Leadership PULSE 360° System. This allows physicians to use team member feedback to become more motivating and engaging role models for the other physicians, clinicians, and healthcare staff. Culture starts at the top.


PULSE 360° Intensive Programphysician improvement disruptive physicians

While a business manager with an MBA has received years of intensive instruction on people management, even a veteran physician is quite likely to have never received a single hour of leadership training. The PULSE 360° Intensive Program gives rich and helpful feedback on professionalism and communication skills, for example, and then provides a customized developmental plan, which typically includes personalized learning activities such as training and coaching.


Physician Coaching

Physician coaching is an integral part of the physician-development process and often provided by telephone or videoconference. Because physicians/practitioners typically work long hours, our PULSE Coaches strive to be flexible and available at non-business hours on occasion such as very early in the morning, late at night, or even on the weekends.


physician training soft skills emotional intelligence

Physician Training

PULSE provides educational and training modules on the physician core competencies of professionalism and interpersonal and communication skills, as well as general work and people skills that are important to ensuring an effective and high functioning work environment.



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