In addition to PULSE 360° surveys for physicians, residentsphysician assistants, nurse practitioners, leaders, and medical students, we also provide PULSE 360 surveys for the following:


Patient PULSE 360 Survey

HCAHPS patient satisfaction happyTo go beyond the limitations of the frequency-based CAHPS survey instruments, the Patient PULSE 360 Survey enables healthcare organizations, facilities, and departments to get experiential and quality-based patient feedback on their healthcare providers’ professionalism, interpersonal style, communication skills, and more. While CAHPS reports how often healthcare providers did something, the Patient PULSE 360 Survey reports the perceived quality of the patient experience and why they felt this way.


physician family and friends -  monitor feedbackFriends and Family PULSE 360 Survey

The most powerful feedback often comes from those who know and love us. The Friends and Family PULSE Survey enables those with a personal connection to provide feedback on the same areas covered by the professionalism, leadership, and teamwork PULSE surveys completed by colleagues, peers, leaders, and team members.


Personal PULSE 360 Surveyphysician burnout and managing stress

While similar to the professionalism, leadership, and teamwork-focused PULSE surveys, the Personal PULSE Survey focuses heavily on healthy and unhealthy behaviors, such as managing stress, burnout, and coping mechanisms.


Climate PULSE 360 Survey

The Climate PULSE 360 Survey is used to provide hospitals and departments with employee metrics on organizational image, job satisfaction, perceptions of administration, organizational culture, and department management.


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