PULSE Training

African-American Doctor Looking at Computer 117885676PULSE provides online training modules on Physician Core Competencies of Professionalism and Interpersonal and Communication Skills, as well as general work and people skills that are important to ensuring an effective and high functioning work environment.

Physician training topics include:

  • PULSE Physician Leadership Skills Training™
  • PULSE Patient Relations Skills Training™
  • PULSE Handling Difficult Team Members Training™
  • PULSE Managing Anger and Frustration Training™
  • PULSE Improving Professionalism Training™
  • PULSE Interpersonal and Communication Skills Training™
  • PULSE Managing Stress Training™
  • PULSE Time Management Skills Training™
  • PULSE Workplace Social Intelligence Training™
  • PULSE Managing Stress and Frustration Training™
  • PULSE Motivating Healthcare Teams Training™
  • PULSE Avoiding Disruptive Behaviors Training™

All training modules can be taken remotely (the physician never has to travel to complete the training) and most have online exams (optional) in order to obtain a personalized certificate of completion.


To learn more, call us at:


  • 305-285-8900 (US)

  • 416-800-9203 (Canada)


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