Physicians have been receiving 360° feedback for years. With the Clinician PULSE 360°, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other advanced practice providers can receive developmental feedback that helps them increase self-awareness, quality of care and caring, and the positive impact they have on team members and patients.


midlevel physician assistants nurse practitionersEveryone who has any interaction with patients plays a role in shaping the patient experience, both in terms of patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other advanced practice providers are all part of essential healthcare teams dedicated to quality of care. To provide the highest quality care in the current healthcare-delivery landscape, advanced practice providers need feedback on technical skills and non-technical skills, such as professionalism, motivation, teamwork, communication, and contribution to the overall healthcare team.

Clinician PULSE 360 provides advanced practice clinicians with a full panoramic view of how their peers, colleagues, and healthcare team members perceive their practice style and communication skills. With so much riding on people-skills, such as effective communication and teamwork acumen, it is essential for healthcare organizations to be able to assess, develop, improve, and align the vital skills around these core competencies.


Get Automated 360° Feedback for Advanced Practice Providers

360 feedback physicians healthcareUsing automated and anonymous 360° feedback from each professional’s healthcare team members, the Clinician PULSE 360° System (Physicians & Professionals Universal Leadership-Teamwork Skills Education) provides perceptual feedback that reinforces effective behaviors, increases self-awareness, and promotes accountability.


Raise the Curve by Motivating the Not-as-Good to Good, the Good to Great, and the Great to Greater

Not only can the Clinician PULSE 360° System identify the best role models, but it also helps advanced practice professionals identify any emerging concerns by providing them with data-driven feedback (and automated tools) for self-correction. Leadership can receive feedback about how effectively they motivate those they supervise, and discover their leadership strengths as well as any areas in which they could improve. The survey questions communicate the behaviors the department or facility values, and, most importantly, acknowledge and validate those who are doing well to support and sustain their engagement, motivation, and quality of care.


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