A No-Travel/Low-Time/High-Impact Program to Build Physician-Leaders

physician leader 360 feedback

For physician-leaders, the current healthcare delivery landscape puts technical proficiency and interpersonal skills on nearly equal footing.

With 360° feedback and training—targeted to specific leadership competencies—medical staff leaders can use feedback to become more motivating and engaging role models for the other physicians and clinicians who take care of patients. Culture starts at the helm.


Get Automated 360° Feedback

physician teamwork 360 feedbackThe Leadership PULSE 360° (Physicians Universal Leadership Skills Education) system provides feedback to each physician-leader about how he/she is perceived by colleagues and staff on leadership competencies such as communication, conflict resolution, time-management, problem-solving, and motivational impact on others.


Bring Leadership Skills to the Entire Team

Leadership PULSE 360° not only helps you identify (and further deepen the skills of) the natural physician-leaders and role models in your organization, but also can help physicians to become leaders through an assessment-driven, insight-intensive process. Physicians can cultivate additional leadership excellence via our more in depth goal-setting, educational, and coaching programs.


Align Physicians into a Balanced and Powerful Team

physician leadership training coachingLeadership PULSE 360° can be used to align and improve new leaders, Medical Executive Committee members, and seasoned Medical Directors. When each physician-leader has gone through the Leadership PULSE 360° System, a more insightful and inspiring team of physician role models emerges.


Credible Feedback, Benchmarks, & Training

Physician-leaders receive quantitative and qualitative feedback from their colleagues and team members, which is then benchmarked against our national normative database of over 800 other physician-leaders. The PULSE 360° Feedback & Training System has been used by more than 15,000 healthcare professionals in over 700 healthcare organizations, including seven Harvard hospitals (Mass General, Brigham and Women’s, etc.), Johns Hopkins, Yale New Haven, University of Michigan, and a wide range of academic, urban, and rural community healthcare organizations.

The PULSE 360° System has been used very successfully for both individual physicians as well as healthcare teams.


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