Onboarding New Physicians

disruptive physician 360 feedback develop improve burnoutThe Onboarding PULSE 360 is designed to help newly-credentialed physicians to rapidly assess, acquire, and align with the institutional values.


Every physician who starts working in a new facility begins with good intentions. However, every facility has its own unique personality and cast of personalities which – for some physicians –may be difficult to understand and embrace, especially coming from a different culture. Unfortunately, new physicians rarely get helpful feedback during the “honeymoon period.”

“Onboarding feedback,” for example, can be useful for physicians coming from a “captain of the ship” culture in their own solo practice, and who have recently moved into a more corporate healthcare system, where different kinds of communication and collaboration skills are necessary for more effective teamwork. More frequent feedback can help the physician more easily adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare cultures … and more rapidly fit into each new culture.

For physicians who desire to get feedback about strengths and improvement opportunities to maximize their potential, hit the ground running, and be a collaborative member of the team, click here for more information about the Quality PULSE 360° System.


Customized Intensive Program

Physician Technical Skill PrecisionThe PULSE 360° intensive program is customized for physicians who want to get a panoramic feedback view to better understand how he/she is perceived by team members and receive telephone coaching to go from good-to-great.


Everyone can benefit from feedback. The PULSE 360 Intensive program is an improvement-driven flexible program, customized by the physician’s feedback, and designed for a physician who wants to get panoramic feedback to better understand how he/she is perceived by team members, including strengths and improvement opportunities.

disruptive physician 360 feedback training coachingAfter the assessment, the PULSE Coach guides the physician through the PULSE Summary Report and any recommendations. The coach focuses on helping the physician to more deeply understand the feedback, to use the perceptions to help make sense of any prior challenging situations, to set “Excellence Goals,” and, most importantly, to turn the insights into productive and constructive action steps. During the intensive learning phase, the physician and coach hit the ground running by brainstorming improvement approaches, as well as identifying tools and techniques to turn old habits into teamwork and leadership excellence.

For physicians who desire to proactively identify strengths and opportunities for improvement to be a better physician and citizen of the hospital, click here to get more details about the PULSE 360° Intensive Program.


Mid-Career Physician

shutterstock_235577392Designed for the veteran physician who has mastered the technical skills, and now wants the challenge of moving to the next level:  Physician Leadership


For physicians who desire to maximize interpersonal communication and people skills and want to be positioned as a more valued member of the team and optimally aligned for a future leadership role, click here to discover the Leadership PULSE 360° System.


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