Give Nurses the Feedback They Need to Help Them Understand their Strengths and Improvement Opportunities with the Quality PULSE 360° for Nurses

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Nurses have a tremendous impact on shaping the patient experience. Years of national HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) research has clearly shown that the strongest driver of hospital performance (the Overall Rating score) is the nurse communication section of the survey.

With so much riding on the practice style, people-skills, masterful communication, and teamwork acumen of nurses, it is essential for healthcare organizations to be able to assess, develop, improve, and align them around these core competencies. With the Nurses PULSE 360° System, each nurse can get a complete panoramic view of their talents and strengths as well as ways in which they can improve their contribution to patient care and caring.


Get Automated 360° Feedback

nurse communication 360 feedback CAHPSUsing automated and anonymous 360° feedback from each nurse’s healthcare team members, the Nurse PULSE 360° System (Physicians & Professionals Universal Leadership-Teamwork Skills Education) provides perceptual feedback that reinforces effective behaviors, increases self-awareness, and promotes accountability.


Motivate the “Not-as-Good” to Good, the Good to Great,
and the Great to Greater

Not only can the Nurse PULSE 360° System identify the best nurse role models, but it also helps prevent problems by providing data-driven feedback (and automated tools) for self-correction. The feedback delivers an early warning sign for emerging problems so they can be quickly addressed and resolved. Leadership can assess progress for nurses working on improvement, communicate the behaviors the department or facility values, and, most importantly, acknowledge and validate the nurses who are doing well to support and sustain their engagement, motivation, and quality of care.


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