Help Residents Understand their Strengths and Achievements as well as Improvement Opportunities by Giving Them Perceptual Feedback on Their Technical and Teamwork Skills with the  Resident PULSE 360°

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The Resident PULSE 360° has more than 40 specialty specific-versions that are grouped according to important ACGME or CanMEDS physician competencies. Each resident or fellow can select peers, healthcare staff, and attendings and invite them to provide perceptual feedback on the resident’s technical and non-technical teamwork and communication styles.

The software system has built-in automated processes to ensure that the most important names are selected and that no one rater receives too many surveys. The PULSE system is highly automated and requires very little time on the part of the resident or on those providing the feedback.


shutterstock_236093248Get Automated 360° Feedback on All Learner Core Competencies


Using anonymous and automated 360° feedback from each learner’s healthcare team members and attendings, the Resident PULSE 360° System (Physicians Universal Leadership-Teamwork Skills Education) provides perceptual feedback that acknowledges strengths, promotes accountability, reinforces effective behaviors, and increases self-awareness across the full spectrum of ACGME/CanMEDS core competencies.


Motivate “Better”

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The Resident PULSE 360° System offers data-driven feedback (and automated tools) for self-awareness and, therefore, self-improvement. The feedback can empower the learner if there are any early warning signs for improvement so they can be quickly addressed before becoming a problem. The PULSE 360 Survey process communicates the behaviors the department or facility values, and, most importantly, acknowledges and validates the residents who are doing well to support and sustain their engagement, motivation, and quality of care.


Credible Feedback, Benchmarks, & Training


Residents get feedback from their team members that is benchmarked against PULSE’s national normative sample of physicians, including relevant specialty comparison norms. Over 15,000 healthcare professionals have received feedback from over 100,000 PULSE 360 surveys. PULSE 360 Surveys have been used by more than 700 healthcare organizations in the United States and Canada, including seven Harvard hospitals (Mass General, Brigham and Women’s, etc.), Johns Hopkins, Yale New Haven, McGill, University of Ottawa, and a wide range of academic, rural, urban, practice groups, and community healthcare facilities.


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