With COVID-19 bearing down, a leader may not have time right now to personally mentor a frustrated or burning-out team member with some understandable – but problematic – communication challenges that would benefit from professional coaching. Perhaps pre-existing patterns have been amplified by the current waves of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.

To solve that problem, PULSE Lite is a 100% remote coaching and education program. The tele-coaching hours are flexible, and the brief online educational modules take about 15 minutes each.  

No 360 survey is necessary because the team member’s leader simply checks off those behaviors which the participant could stand to improve from PULSE’s list of the 90 most  common behaviors that challenge many healthcare professionals. 

In other words, the leader creates the customized behavioral goals that form the improvement map for the PULSE coach and participant to achieve immediate and sustained professional growth. The short educational modules help sustain deeper and more durable development.  Each of the 90 behaviors has an associated online educational video and learning activity, supported by professional coaching calls.

Once you’ve selected the goals for your participant, we’ll take care of the rest. 

Your participating team member can complete the training modules on a flexible schedule and on a wide range of devices (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android). Once they have completed the coaching and assigned training modules, PULSE will send you a summary report.

We have a library of more than 90 PULSE training videos – specifically developed for healthcare professionals – on behaviors such as: 

  • Treating team members and patients more respectfully
  • Managing frustration
  • Adapting to changing policies and procedures
  • Communicating clear expectations
  • Managing burnout and stress
  • Pointing out mistakes in a more helpful and respectful way
  • Being more open to suggestions
  • Managing time more effectively
  • Responding to conflict by trying to work out solutions
  • Understanding how one’s behavior impacts others
  • (to name just a few of PULSE’s 90+ educational modules)


To learn more, call us at:

305-285-8900 (US)

416-800-9203 (Canada)

or use the contact form below.


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