Designed specifically for the time management challenges faced by physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Time Management for Physicians Online Course, $399.95

  • 10 modules (videos and interactive learning activities)
  • 60 minutes of professional coaching (phone and/or videoconference)
  • 1 year of access to the entire course



Unlike typical “one-size-fits-all” time management courses, this is more like an individualized boot camp. Not only will you learn what need to be done, but you’ll also learn cutting-edge techniques for hardwiring your new actions into long-term habits. You will gain a full year of access to the video course, and the package includes 60 minutes of appointments with one of PULSE’s expert coaches.

In this 10 part series on time management, we’re going to cover a lot of ground. We understand that there are multiple types of challenges with time management, and everyone’s situation is unique. 

Here’s a basic overview of the entire series:

  • In Module 1, we’ll explore the 4 most common drivers behind time management challenges.
  • In Module 2, you’ll be introduced to some best practices for creating new time management habits.
  • In Module 3, we’ll do a deep dive into managing procrastination.
  • In Module 4, we’ll tackle ways to tame disorganization in your daily routines.
  • In Module 5, you’ll discover some new approaches to taming your technology
  • Module 6 is dedicated to helping those who sometimes lose track of time.
  • Module 7 covers how to improve your ability to say NO…
  • …while Module 8 will help you tame your need to say YES.
  • Module 9 is a deep dive into delegation tips.
  • And finally, Module 10 will be a summary and review of the entire series and suggestions for ongoing improvement.

Good luck in your journey, and it is now TIME to get started!

Care to take a free test drive? Here the first video in the 10 part series to get you started.