PULSE Launches Groundbreaking “Team 360” Study for Operating Room Teams

PULSE has developed an innovative approach to providing feedback to operating room surgeons and anesthesia providers. Instead of the traditional approach in which a physician selects raters from a directory, and their chief validates the list, the Team PULSE 360 reverses the protocol. The University of California San Francisco, Memorial Sloan Kettering and other hospitals are using the “Rapid Team PULSE 360 Survey” for the OR physicians to gain insight into how their team members perceive their interpersonal and communication style.  

Here’s how it works:

All nurses and staff — along with the Physicians — receive an email from PULSE inviting them to select several surgeons and/or anesthesiologists to whom they would like to give feedback, and each 360 survey takes about 1-2 minute each.  

Some smaller community hospital ORs are using the “True Team PULSE” methodology for everyone to have the opportunity to provide feedback to at least three of their team members: physicians can give feedback to each other as well as to nurses and staff; and the nurses and staff provide feedback to each other and to the physicians. 

The complete anonymity is a big plus to the OR Team Members, and those receiving feedback find that it’s generally constructive and actionable.

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