The range of claims among a study of 264 surgeons was 0 to 8, with 48.1% of surgeons having at least 1 claim. Multiple positive and negative behaviors
were significantly associated with the risk of having malpractice claims. Surgeons in the bottom decile for several items had an increased likelihood of having at least 1 claim.

Surgeon behavior, as assessed by 360-degree review, is associated with malpractice claims. These findings highlight the importance of teamwork and communication in exposure to malpractice. Although the nature of malpractice claims is complex and multifactorial, the identification and modification of negative physician behaviors may mitigate malpractice risk and ultimately result in the improved quality of patient care.

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A. Gawande et al. – Annals of Surgery-Multisource Evaluation of Surgeon Behavior Associated with MalpracticeClaims(PULSE360)c